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Ethiopian Christmas Gondar, Lalibela

Genna : January 6-7: Genna (Christmas) falls on December 29 Ethiopian calendars (January 7 Gregorian calendar). Ledet (Christmas) , it is celebrated seriously by a church service that goes on throughout the night after 43 days fasting known as Tsome Gahad (Advent), with a spectacular procession, which begins at 6 AM and lasts until 9 AM.

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Ethiopian Epiphany Gondar, Lalibela

Ethiopian Epiphany -Timket: January 17-19: In January we attend Timkat, the most important festival in the calendar, which celebrates Epiphany. The origin of this feast dates back over 1000 years and is now one of the country's largest festivals and commemorates the baptism of Jesus in the Jordan River. The festival typically last for 3 days long and begins on the eve of Timket with a reenactment of the baptism.

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Meskel, Finding of the True Cross: September 26-27: In September we attend the Meskal festival which has been celebrated for over 1600 years. Please note that this departure is 2 days longer than the standard departure with an extra day in Addis Ababa 

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